Ela Highway Department
23605 Echo Lake Road, Lake Zurich, IL. 60047
Office Hours: Monday-Thursday  6:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.; Friday 6:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Highway Commissioner: Bill Kruckenberg

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Ela Township Highway Department has approximately 25 center road miles in the road district. The highway department has two budgets. The Permanent Road Fund can be thought of as a budget that reflects permanent costs to operate primary duties such as salaries, equipment and road salt. The General Road Fund can be thought of as a budget to support the primary duties such as maintenance items, equipment supplies and future projects.

The Ela Township Board of Trustees has two main functions regarding the highway department. It approves the highway department’s budgets which by law must be determined only by the highway commissioner, and they approve the monthly expenditures pursuant to that budget. All other responsibilities are solely vested in elected Highway Commissioner Bill Kruckenberg.


Ela Highway Department volunteering labor and trucking for Emmaus House's diaper purchases
Ela Highway Department volunteering labor and trucking for
Emmaus House’s diaper purchases.

The duties of the highway department include: snow and ice control; resurfacing roads when needed, cutting grass in the road easement; removing trees in the right-of-way; maintaining the ditch ways; stormwater management and maintenance of two dams.

The highway department also operates bus service for seniors and disabled individuals; maintains its own equipment and buses; maintains two cemeteries and three parks in the township; installs briquettes in storm sewer manholes for mosquito prevention; and oversees the parking for the high school at Knigge’s Field.

Additional income to the Ela Township Highway Department comes from the intergovernmental agreements with the villages of Kildeer, Long Grove, Deer Park and Lake Zurich. These agreements are an economical windfall to both parties. The highway department charges a reasonable rate to the villages as they are within the township. This saves them money and the highway department receives additional revenue. Duties are tree removal, street sign maintenance, deer removal and snow removal.

Ela Township Highway Commissioner’s responsibilities:

  • Give the residents the best service for their dollar
  • Have proper staff to maintain the highway department
  • Communicate to all concerned residents
  • Be on call 24/7
  • Work 40 plus hours a week (this includes administrative duties and manual labor, including one snow route)
  • Have a CDL (Commercial Drivers License)
  • Be certified by the State of Illinois as a highway commissioner
  • Continue to send monthly financial reports to Lake County
  • Continue to inform the Ela Township Board of highway’s activities with monthly reports
  • Send out bids and award bids for contract over $10,000 per project
  • Prepare budgets for the Permanent Road Fund and General Road Fund annually
  • Continue to fulfill intergovernmental agreements with the village sof Lake Zurich, Kildeer, Long Grove and Deer Park
  • Maintain roads through:
    • Snowplowing
    • Spreading salt when needed
    • Resurfacing roads when needed
    • Cutting grass in road easements
    • Maintaining ditch ways
    • Stormwater management
    • Continuing to improve ditches and roadways
    • Maintaining two dams
  • Install mosquito briquettes in storm sewer manholes for mosquito prevention
  • Operate the Ela Township Bus Service
  • Provide maintenance to two cemeteries, three parks and open spaces
  • Oversee the Knigge student parking lot
  • Remove trees in the right-of-ways
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