We are open every Thursday 9am-2pm and every Sunday 1-3pm. Our meetings are every 3rd Sunday of the month.

The society is located at 95 East Main Street, Lake Zurich. Open to all. Also see us on Facebook

While early settlers began arriving in the Ela area in 1835, the Ela Historical Society and Museum was not organized until 1976.

The first meeting was held that year in the second floor meeting room of our current building and exhibits were kept in the basement Ela Township Auditor Mary Ann Davis lead Ela Township’s celebration of the Bicentennial of the US Constitution and was elected the first president of the society. Since those days We have had a variety of presidents and moved our exhibits to the main and second floor but nonetheless this society remains a lasting memorial to the Bicentennial Era.

Every year we elect a new board as things continue to improve around the museum. All of our staff is volunteers who work super hard to make the museum what it is today We have countless volunteers but are always happy to see new faces .Here is a quick glimpse at some of our current staff.

Dolores Mark- President

Dolores has lived in Lake Zurich for 41 years. She is a retired nurse widowed mother of 5. She has 10 grandchildren and graduated high school in Milwaukee. She joined the society in its founding year of 1976 but did not become active until 1996. She encourages area citizens to come visit “their museum”

Ron Frank- Vice President

Ron is a 72 year born and bred Lake Zurich resident.  Both of his parents were born in the town and his father owned and ran the general store which was called Gene Frank News Agency. Ron graduated Ela Vernon High School in 1958 and worked in retail until he retired.

Harold Chisamore- Secretary

Harold moved to Lake Zurich in 1974 to be closer to his job, but stayed here and joined the society after he retired.  Harold is a retired Northorp Gruman engineer who graduated from Purdue University. Besides history his is also interested in gardening.

Amy Wywialowski- Webmaster

Amy comes from a long line of Lake Zurich residents and was the 7th member of her family to graduate from Lake Zurich High School. She graduated in 2010 and is currently pursuing a history degree and journalism minor at Eastern Illinois University in Charleston, Illinois

Stop in at the society to fill out a membership form and begin receiving benefits!

In order to join you must pay a small fee per year . Our membership types are as follows:

$10 Active Individual Member
$20 Family Membership (members of one family at the same address)
$5 Senior Citizen Membership (Includes individuals over 55 years of age)
$5 Student Membership – A student whose family does not hold membership.
$30  Institutional Membership – Any organization, board, school or library interested in the history of Ela Township.
$50 Contributing Membership- Person, group or firms interested in giving only monetary support to the Society.
$100  Sustaining Membership    Person, group or firm interested in both the history of Ela Township and giving financial support to the Society.
$200 – Life Membership

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