Ela Township Historical Society and Museum

Our mission is collecting, preserving and sharing the history of Ela Township.

95 E. Main Street, Lake Zurich, IL. 60047
Phone: 847-438-2086
Email:  ElaHistorical@gmail.com
Website:  www.elahistoricalsociety.com
Hours:  Thursdays and Saturdays from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m.
President:  Ray Syverson


Ela Township is proud to support the mission and goals of the Ela Township Historical Society and Museum. Please visit www.elahistoricalsociety.com for more information

While early settlers began arriving in the Ela area in 1835.  The first town meeting was April 2, 1835.  The Town Hall was built in 1865 on one acre deeded to the township by Isaac Fox.

The first meeting was held in the second floor meeting room of our current building in 1976.  Exhibits were kept in the basement Ela Township Auditor Mary Ann Davis lead Ela Township’s celebration of the Bicentennial of the US Constitution and was elected the first president of the society. Since those days We have had a variety of presidents and moved our exhibits to the main and second floor but nonetheless this society remains a lasting memorial to the Bicentennial Era.

Starting in member’s homes, then in the basement of Town Hall, and now on the main and second floors, the society is completely run by volunteers.  Dues are kept to a minimum to encourage membership for all.

1850+elected officials

Facts About Ela Township

Become a Member!

Stop into the museum or fill out a membership form below and begin receiving benefits!

In order to join you must pay a small fee per year.  Our membership types are as follows:

$10 Active Individual Member
$20 Family Membership (Members of one family at the same address)
$5 55+ Membership (Includes individuals over 55 years of age)
$100 Sustaining Membership (Person, group or firm interested in both the history of Ela Township and giving financial support to the historical society)

Our Volunteer Staff

Every two years we elect a new board as things continue to improve around the museum. All of our staff members are volunteers who work very hard to make the museum what it is. New volunteer “historical assistants” are welcome

President:  Ray Syverson
Vice President:  Julie Vollbrecht
Treasurer:  Dick Price
Secretary: Mark Hay

Board of Directors: Amanda Dickson, Diane Kostick, Sally Price

Our members volunteer time to answer questions, to collect, process and preserve donated and collected photos, memorabilia and family histories.

Individuals come in to research information on their families and to donate photos and memorabilia.  Numerous people searching for their family history and students searching for local history have contacted us.

It is our hope to make the history of Ela Township available to everyone.  We strive for this by hosting topical programs, displays of historical photographs  and memorabilia as well as timely tours.