How to Appeal

Property owners typically receive their blue assessment notices for Ela Township in late Summer to early Fall. It’s important for taxpayers to read and understand this notice.

Evaluating your property assessment valuation  

  • Review all of the information on the assessment notice.
  • Visit to review assessment information including property characteristics and comparable property information.
  • Call or stop into the Ela Township Assessor’s office well before the deadline if you found any errors or if you feel your property is over assessed.
  • If you disagree with our review or miss the deadline for an in office review, you will have until the deadline to file a formal appeal with the Board of Review.
  • You can complete an assessment appeal form (by paper, or electronically using the e-filing system) and submit with supporting evidence to the Board of Review before the deadline.

Requesting a review of your assessment with Ela Township and the Lake County Board of Review

New Process – In an effort to both modernize and simplify the pre-review and formal complaint process, our office has changed how we handle the pre-review assessment inquiries. This new process eliminates the need to complete multiple copies of appeal forms for both the Assessor’s Office and the Board of Review. If you have reviewed your assessment and determined a review and/or appeal is necessary, you have two filing options.

Option A: Online filing is the fastest and preferred option and we will be able to see this filing the next day. Our office can assist you with this filing. Option B: Mail the appeal form and comparable grids/evidence directly to the Lake County Board of Review.

Please note that there could be a 2-4 week delay in scanning the file into the system. Make sure to read the Board of Review Rules regarding the filing of an appeal. If the criteria are not met, the board may not schedule a hearing for the case or render a decision and the appellant will have forfeited the right to further appeal the current assessment of a subject property.

Ela Township will review all cases in the order they are filed online/scanned into the system. We will contact you if we are able to offer a reduction, otherwise the case will automatically go through the Lake County Board of Review formal complaint process.

Starting an appeal

To start an appeal, you will need the Property Assessment Notice and/or the Parcel Identification Number (PIN) along with the Key Code. (located on the top right of the assessment notice). We can look up this information if you do not have your notice.

The website to start the appeal:

Enter your Parcel Identification Number (PIN) or street address and submit.

Read the Terms and Conditions Notification – Acknowledge and accept the terms if you wish to continue.

Select a reason for the appeal. You will then be prompted to provide evidence – either a reason for claiming a factual error, closing statement and PTAX-203 for a recent purchase, a recent appraisal, or comparison grids either based on equity, market or both. The program will prompt you in each step with filling in the information. Our office can scan appraisals and sales documents if you do not have a digital copy.

If you have chosen recent sales or equity comparables – you will be prompted to choose comparative parcels in which you would like reviewed for any inequities.

When the chosen reasons are complete and all evidence is uploaded, you are ready to click the “Complete my filing” button on the bottom of the Appeal Reasons screen.

The Appeal Form screen is next and you will need to fill in all required fields marked with an asterisk *.

There are 3 ways you can proceed: Back to reason for Appeal Page– to change the Reason for Appeal.

Save and Come Back Later– to save your appeal, but submit it at a later date. Review and Submit. Use this final screen to double check all of the information that will be submitted on your case and print a copy for your records. Click on Submit Appeal when you are ready to file your appeal submission. This step must be completed for the Board of Review to docket the appeal. Appeal files not submitted before the filing deadline of September 4, 2018, will not be reviewed by Ela Township or the Board of Review.

If you do not receive an e-mail as confirmation within 24 hours, please call the Ela Township Assessor’s Office @ (847) 438-8370. Ela Township will review all cases in the order they are filed online/scanned into the system. We will contact you if we are able to offer a reduction.

Remember, we are here to help you. My job as your Assessor is to create the assessed values to apportion the tax burden, but I am also here to help you by correcting factual errors, ensuring you have all the exemptions you qualify for, and helping you ensure that you are properly assessed. We are your local resource and most importantly, we are here for you.