Community Programs Director, Susan Dillon                    Director of Family Services, Susan Fackler

Ela Township’s Community Programs Director, Susan Dillon, and Director of Family Services, Susan Fackler, were the recipients of distinguished service awards for exceptional leadership from this year’s Township Officials of Illinois annual conference in Springfield.

Dillon was honored with Director of the Year award from the Illinois Townships Association of Senior Citizens Services Committees (ITASCSC).  This award is given in recognition of outstanding commitment to meeting the needs of older adults within the community.  Dillon continuously employs a variety of new methods to plan and create a more dynamic and engaging environment for Ela Township seniors.  From health and wellness activities, lunch and learns, social events, and long distance/day trips, Dillon has been consistently dedicated to identifying new opportunities to improve the quality of life for Ela Township seniors.  A significant benefit of providing these types of program offerings are that they afford more opportunities for seniors to connect and engage with each other as they form relationships that will sustain their mind, body, and soul.

Fackler received the Director of the Year award from the Association of Illinois Township Committees on Youth (AITCOY).  This award is given to a director who demonstrates excellent leadership, dedication, and program innovation in serving youth and families.  Fackler was recognized for providing notable contributions to the youth of Ela Township through a safe and therapeutic environment, which provides counseling services, innovative educational programs, support, and community outreach.  Fackler is a licensed certified social worker, certified drug and alcohol counselor, co-chair of Ela Coalition Against Youth Substance Abuse, and an active member of Stand-Up Task Force, which also addresses youth substance abuse.  She has been a great resource and advocate for the Ela Township community in which she serves.

Both of these leaders have made a substantial impact to the communities served by Ela Township.  The impressive leadership from both directors continues to make Ela Township a great place to call home for its residents.