Personal trainer Bill Miller, of Bam Fitness, instructs resident Debbie Jurf and Ela Township Social Worker Roberta Smith on self-defense tactics during a program hosted by Ela Township Community Family Services on June 8.

Ela Township’s social work department, Community Family Services, hosted the first of several women’s self-defense classes led by personal trainer Bill Miller of Bam Fitness in Vernon Hills on June 8.

Miller, a former Marine experienced in close quarter urban combat and Tactix martial arts, covered the psychology of fight or flight, basic strikes, counters, counters to chokes, escapes, weapons of opportunity and ground escapes with participants.

Additional classes will be held Aug. 1 and Aug. 10 in the lower level of the Ela Town Hall, located at 1155 E. Route 22, in Lake Zurich. Cost is $30 per student. Female high school and college students, female professionals or anyone looking build confidence and learn self-defense tactics are encouraged to register.

For more information, contact Community Family Services Director Susan Fackler at (847) 540-8380.