What is a Social Worker

What is a social worker? What do we do in the this office? What kind of services do we provide to the community?

These are questions we hear often and we want to make sure everyone knows that we are a free service to Ela Township residents. Social workers are highly trained and experienced licensed professionals who have earned bachelor, masters and/or doctoral degrees. 

Social workers help people overcome some of life’s most difficult challenges including: poverty, discrimination, abuse, addiction, physical illness, divorce, loss and grief, unemployment, educational problems, disability and mental illness. They help prevent crises and counsel individuals, families and communities to cope more effectively with stresses of everyday life. If you need someone to talk to we are here. Please call our office at (847) 540-8380 to schedule an appointment. 

Referral Process: Referrals are made through community agencies, schools, churches, hospitals and the fire and police departments. You may also call the Health & Wellness office directly at (847) 540-8380. 



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