Ela Township provides several recycling opportunities for our residents.  Located in the Ela Town Hall lobby, we offer a recycling center for plastics, batteries, and lightbulbs.  Through the Trex Recycling Program, for every 500 lbs. of plastic we collect, they will donate a high-performance composite park bench to the Township which we will add to one of our beautiful parks.  Did you know household batteries such as AA and AAA can be thrown out in the trash and they cannot be recycled?  Check out our guidelines below for lightbulb and battery recycling:


The Ela Township Highway Department has built three recycling centers within the Township for recycling of old shoes, U.S. flags, eye glasses, hearing aids, and old cell phones.  The Highway Department periodically collects the contents and distributes them to appropriate users or organizations.  You can find these 24-hour accessible outdoor recycling centers at the Ela Historical Society & Museum, Knox Park, and Knigge Park.

Recently, the Ela Township Highway Department partnered with Swalco and placed a clothing and textile recycling center on the property.  Please consider dropping any unwanted clothing or textiles in the bin located at the Highway Department.

Recycling Resource Links:

Swalco: Solid Waste Agency of Lake County offering chemical waste and electronics recycling.

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