Columbaria at Lake Zurich Cemetery

The Ela Township Cemetery Board has been working hard to present options for residents to lay their loved ones to rest.  Have you considered a Niche in a Columbarium?  Now that possibility exists right at home, at the Lake Zurich Cemetery.  In each Niche, there is room for 2 urns of human cremains and the cremains of a cherished pet.  As long as there is no living organic material, one may inurn any number of family members or pets in the space of 11.5 by 11.5 by 23 inches.  This makes it easy to put couples in a space of remembrance, a space which can be visited with respect extended towards one who has gone on before.

With cremations being done more and more these days, be sure to buy your niche where you want it to be.  For more information please email or call (847) 438-7823.

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