Scatter Garden at Lake Zurich Cemetery

A scatter garden in Lake Zurich Cemetery was completed in 2009. Cremations are becoming more popular as cemetery space becomes scarce. Rising costs for burial plots, cremation plots and niches, and monuments make scatter gardens a less expensive alternative.

Some people have cremation ashes from a loved one, but don’t have clear or specific directions for disposal. This garden is a dedicated and blessed area within the cemetery. The monolith stone with a 20 x 30 inch bronze plaque is inscribed, “A Garden of Treasured Memories – Come find peace here . . . and remember.”

Each person to be remembered will have an engraved nameplate with birth and death dates attached to the large plaque. The township garden is a quiet beautifully landscaped and fenced nook within the cemetery. There are benches for quiet remembrance. Ashes will be scattered in a specific location with the assistance of an Ela Township Cemetery Board representative.  The Scatter Garden at Lake Zurich Cemetery is reserved for the ashes of Ela Township residents, past or present.

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