Right of Way Brush & Tree Removal

In unincorporated areas, the Ela Township Highway Department maintains trees and brush within the (ROW) right of way. This is the area right along the roadway. A typical right of way easement, for Ela Township is 10-12 feet off the edge of the road. Your plat of survey for your property will show that easement. It is important to keep brush trimmed up so traffic can travel safely down the road. Keeping sightlines clear so vehicles can see around corners and curves are important. Ela Township can not go onto private property and trim or remove limbs that are up in the  yard or backyards.

The Highway Department does not have the authority to trim or remove trees along utility easements in the rear or side yard of properties.  Lake County DOT is responsible for Quentin Rd, Old Mchenry Rd, and Gilmer Rd. Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) is responsible for IL state RT22, Rt 12, and portions of Midlothian Rd. Ela Township supports public works operations within the Village of Kildeer, Village of Deer Park, Village of Long Grove, and the Village of North Barrington. Ela Township performs work in these villages per the villages’ request. If you see issues in your village please report those issues directly to your village. When planting ornamental trees and shrubs in your yard please plant them outside of the ROW so the trees do not grow into the roadway.

Ela Township cannot go on private property, so all limbs must be accessible on the roads right of way. Debris will be picked up within the week of the storm for two days. The debris should be put out as soon as possible to be included in the pickup efforts. After the highway department has finished the mass debris pickup, it will be the responsibility of an individual resident to dispose of their own limbs/trees.

There will be no pickup of whole trees cut by tree services or landscapers left by the roadway.

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